who thought a pandemic wouldn’t be conducive to getting on with stuff?

Well, welcome to 2021. I can’t say that I am sorry to see the back of 2020 but, despite being once more in a national lockdown, things are looking a tiny bit more positive as the vaccine begins its roll out.

I did indeed start the IGHS course and submitted my first assignment back in August. I got a good mark and learned a few things about drawing up pedigrees. Assignment 2 is giving a bit more of an issue – it asks for a biography of a grandparent using family resources, an impossibility when there ARE no family resources – and that, alongside a general inability to focus on anything at present, means I have yet to begin work on it. I did get a response to my query about how one goes about such an assignment without any family documentation, and was told I could instead focus on a parent or great grandparent. So it looks like my poor tutor is going to be learning A LOT about my mother in the [hopefully] not too distant future.

Research wise I have been noodling about with some other people’s families and very much enjoying the challenge. It’s giving me something innocuous to focus on while we wait for things to get less restrictive.

I am still hoping to get to the Suffolk archives at some point this year as that’s the area in my family that I know I can find more information on but none of it is available online.






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