the plot thickens

I have been searching for a death certificate for Susan Bond [ne Aldridge] for a while as I know that she was alive for the census of 1891 and that her husband, George Jannion Bond Senior, remarried in January 1900, when he was apparently a widower. George died six months later and an inquest was held, which was in itself interesting as I couldn’t see why there would be a need for one unless there was something odd about the death. It occured to me that possibly, as he had only just remarried, there was some cause for concern if he left money to the new wife and cut the children out of his will. This is all conjectiure of course. However, it now seems it may be something else as it turns out that Susan died after George! Her death certificate has her listed as George’s widow so it appears that they were still married at the time of both his second marriage and of his death. I went through the divroce index to see if they were listed, but nothing showed up. My next route is to find a report of the inquest and intend to check the local newspapers for one. It seems possible, however, that George was a bigamist. I shall report back if I find anything that proves it either way!







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