who knows where the time goes?

Sadly, I did not make it to the Surrey Archives so Thomas Varney’s inquest report remains unseen. I am now thinking that it may be better to have them look it out for me instead. The nominal charge they make is less than it would cost for me to go there myself. Hopefully, when I get back from my holiday I shall sort that out.

I have a few more death certificates to aquire, but I have been very busy recently and have not had the time to get much further. It does seem that this is the point when I am going to have to venture further afield for information, and that will take more planning in order to optimise my time and efforts.






4 responses to “who knows where the time goes?”

  1. Little Bruvver Avatar
    Little Bruvver

    Does this mean we are going to the Emerald Isle?

  2. jaq Avatar

    You just want a trip away! I am serioulsy considering it. First I want to talk to Jonathan and sort out what we know and don’t know and take it from there. Like I said, you need to plan this stuff to get the most out of it!! But basically, I rather thnink we are!!

  3. James Avatar

    I live in Farnborough if that’s any help? I remember you saying it wasn’t far from here or is that something else?

  4. jaq Avatar

    The Catholic Family History Society library appears to still not be useable, which is annoying! I keep checking to see whether they are sorted yet and will let you know when and if! I may take you up on the offer. 🙂

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