once again the waters are muddied

So, today the batch of certificate I ordered three weeks ago arrived and they contain one of those entries that makes me want to throw things!
On Sarah Dempsey and Daniel Delaney’s marriage certificate, Sarah’s father is listed as a tailor. Now, on every other piece of documentation I have gatheed together he is down as a paviour. This also makes sense as, according to family lore, great grandfather was a road builder. Now, one thing I think may make this at leat slightly likely is that in the 1851 census there is an entry for a John Dempsey and a Mary Baly [Sarah’s mother was called Mary Barry] in St Giles in the Fields [where the family settled and where Sarah was born] who were Tailor and Dressmaker respectively. It is mroe than possible that John worked as a paviour but was trained as a tailor in Ireland.

I did do a search for John Dempsey of the right age and there is no listing in 1861, 1871, 1881 and 1891 for a John Dempsey, born 1827 in Ireland who is a tailor and lives in St Giles. Make of this what you will! I am happy to assume that for some reason Sarah gave her father’s profession as that which he had originally.

Still, it’s very annoying!







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