in the beginning

The first steps towards compiling the family history are well in hand. Much of the research so far has been done online but I am aware that this will have to move to a hands-on approach soon. It’s all very exciting.

I am especially looking forward to finding out more about mum’s side of the family. It’s odd how, despite the Bolton’s being more chatty and gossipy [no offense meant, Mum!], there seems to be a distinct lack of knowledge of the family background. The Delaney’s on the other hand are easier to pin down. Much of this is due to the dates of birth. As Nanny and Grandad D were born pre-1901, they both appear on the 1901 Census. Nanny and Grandad B on the other hand were born a few years later and so their parents names are needed. It’s strange, but nobody seems to know the first names of Nan’s parents! Next stop is a phone call to Auntie June to see if she knows.

Onwards and upwards.






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