finally! getting the site sorted

After long consideration, I decided to find some software that would allow me to present all the information I have in an easily accessible way.  I have chosen The Next Generation, as it is easy to set up and has many attributes that help display info clearly and usefully.  It has taken me a month to get everything uploaded and to attach all the images to the appropriate individuals but I am pretty happy with what is there.  It is not very pretty yet as I haven’t had a chance to change the layout [it’s actually pretty ugly at the moment!] but I hope to get that done over the next few weeks.


I am linking to this part of the site from the menu rather than having it as the homepage.  I like having the blog as it allows me to give updates on new information I have added.


There are various new dates and people that have been added since the last update and I shall write about those in another post. But for the moment, please feel free to take a look around the data and tell me what you think or if I have got anything wrong!  I know I am missing a few dates for more recent people and need to do some phone calls to sort that out. At the moment, I have omitted most of the current generation [well, my generation and their children] as I am not sure if people wish for that to be readily available.  I may add them at a later stage and allow people to register to view that info. Generally, though, I don’t feel it is appropriate for my cousins and their children to be on there.  I may choose to have my information available, but I understand how others may not wish it.


You can find the new set-up by clicking Family Tree on the menu to the right. Have fun!







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