the joys of illegible handwriting

I finally sent off for the birth certificate of George and Sarah Jago’s daughter, Sarah, so that I could check Sarah’s maiden name. So, it seems that the handwriting on Mary Ann Jago’s birth certificate was even more problematic than I previously thought! I was never certain that Sarah’s name was Bayldon and it turns out that it was in fact Baseden! There are various mis-spellings that I have seen so it is unsurprising that it was not clear. Having found the correct spelling, I was then able to find the entry in the index for Edward and Sarah’s marriage.

So now I also know that George’s father was called William Jago, a butcher, and Sarah’s father was called Edward Baseden, a coal porter. I also located Sarah’s baptism entry in the parish records of St Andrew’s Holborn in 1827 which gives her mother’s name as Harriet. Further trawling turns up Edwards marriage to Harriet Wyatt on 1st May 1816 at St Botolph’s Bishopsgate.

I have some searching to do through the burial records around Holborn as I know that Edward was dead by 1840 when Harriet herself died. There seems to be no entry in the register of deaths so it is more likely that he died before June 1837.

It looks like I have a nice long day in the Guildhall to look forward to!






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