I have added some more scans of certificates to the family pages.

  • Bond: added Fanny Mary Bryant birth certificate and Frederick William Besch and Fanny Mary Bryant marriage certificate
  • Bolton: added Amelia Elizabeth Varney birth certificate; Thomas Varney and Elizabeth Taylor marriage certificate; Edward Ambrose Epps and Mary Ann Hankin marriage certificate
  • Delaney: added John Dempsey and Mary Barry marriage certificate
  • Haley: added Charlotte Noding birth certificate

I have Daniel Edward Delaney’s birth certificate and marriage certificate [to Sarah Dempsey] and James Delaney and Henrietta Haley’s brith certificates coming from the GRO and will scan and upload them as soon as they arrive. Sadly I used the online ordering for those, they were ones to aquire for documentation as I already know the dates of all these events and am not in a rush for them, and there is still a backlog in the production. Should have just done it from the FRC!






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